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K-Mots Packaging is a family owned and operated packaging distribution company based in Columbus, Ohio.  Reorganized as K-Mots Packaging a few years ago, we have been providing our customers with exceptional customer service and quality products for over three decades.  Our team is dedicated to helping companies save time, money, and eliminate problems with creative and innovative solutions.


We specialize in custom and stock packaging materials and packaging equipment, and also offer the following services:

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Just In Time (JIT) Packaging Supply

With our JIT programs, K-Mots make your supply chain worries a thing of the past. We’ll manage consistent availability of the specific line items of packaging inventory you use, and ensure it is delivered to you on time, exactly when you need it.

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Warehousing & Release Programs

Demand fluctuation can create major headaches. K-Mots is here to help with that! We can maintain a larger inventory of just the supplies you need in OUR warehouses, ensuring you’ll have a ready supply available for delivery regardless of those fluctuations. No more panic calls to your rep!

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Inventory Management

Eliminate unneeded costs, wasted space from overspend, and lost time for your team! Let us keep track of your packaging inventory for you! K-Mots can monitor your current packaging inventory, helping you make much more accurate and cost-effective order placements based on what you really need.

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Local Delivery

K-Mots can take all the hassle out of your packaging supply experience by handling last-mile local delivery for you. We can use our clout to get better rates on faster delivery then the “big guys” can typically offer!

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Eco-Friendly Options

We care about our customers, and like you we care about our environment. We have many options available in terms of both products and services that can help you keep your carbon footprint exactly where you need it to be. Just ask!

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