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Automate Your Packaging with Some of the Best Machines on the Market

K-Mots is an authorized distributor for some of the most innovative companies and product lines available anywhere in the world today! We have years of experience helping companies with their packaging automation projects. In that time, we've learned how to expertly spec out and procure the exact equipment you'll need to meet any set of requirements imaginable! 

Let us know what you need, and we'll get you a fast, accurate quote. Or, give us the details on what you're trying to get done, and we'll help you put-together some options that can meet or beat your budget! 

K-Mots Supplies 

  • Blister Sealers

  • Clamshell Sealers

  • Die Cutters

  • Stretch Pak Machines

  • Thermoform Machines

  • Vacuum Machines

  • Skin Packaging Machines

  • Automatic Pallet Wrappers

  • Robotic Pallet Wrappers

  • Guardrail Systems

  • Rack & Post Protectors

  • And Much More - Just Ask!

Featured Manufacturers & Products:

HandleIt Logo.jpg

Manufacturer of Stretch Wrap Equipment, Guard Rails and Rack Protection

Handle It builds a full range of pallet wrapping machines and stretch wrappers, suitable for any level of use from entry level to heavy. They offer semi-automatic and fully automatic machines of every variety, from turntable to mobile to rotary arm designs.


They also build complete guard rail systems and components to improve the safety of your people, structures and warehouse items. These are great for shipping & picking areas, dock doors, offices & more. To round it all out, Handle It offers rack & post protectors to decrease the damage to your pallet racks and posts due to impact from forklifts and pallets.

Featured Best-Sellers:

Add-On Attachments
Available for Handle It*

  • Integrated Scale

  • Automatic Film Cutter

  • Label Printer for Weight Tickets

  • Frame Extension for Long Loads

  • Loading Ramp

  • Roping System

  • 118" Max Wrap Height

  • Top Press

  • Photocell for Dark Loads

  • Cold Environment Kit 

* Not Compatible with All Machines - Just Ask Us! 


Offering a Complete Line of Standard & Custom Packaging Machinery

Starview Packaging Machinery, Inc. is an industry-leading U.S.-based manufacturer of packaging machines. They offer a range of innovative devices to automate your blister and clamshell packaging, medical and pharmaceutical packaging, skin packaging, die cutting, food tray packaging, Stretch Pak packaging, thermoforming, vacuum forming, and more.

Featured Best-Sellers:

Starview 2.jpg
Starview 4.jpg
Starview 1.jpg
Starview SP & SP/IR Series

Semi-Automatic Skin Packaging Machines

Starview’s SP & SP/IR Series machines are built to meet all skin packaging requirements. Standard machines are offered for skin board sizes of 18 x 24 inches through 36 x 48 inches. These skin packaging machines can produce the typical retail carded packages on SBS skin board or industrial packages on corrugated pads using Surlyn and Polyethylene skin films.

Starview RP Series

Roller Die Cutting Machines

Starview's RP Series Roller Die Cutters will handle a full range of low to high production requirements. Machines are available in standard widths from 22 inches to 54 inches. These units will cut a wide range of materials including skin boards, thermoformed films, cork, rubber and other applications where steel rule dies can be utilized.

Starview MSP Series

Manual Table Top Skin Packaging Machines

Starview’s MSP Series machines are ideal for entry level and low volume packaging requirements. Machines are offered for nominal skin board sizes of 12 x 18 inches and 18 x 24 inches. Skin packaging machines can produce the typical retail carded package on SBS skin board or industrial packages on corrugated pads using Surlyn and Polyethylene skin films.

Customization Options

Starview has also built a great reputation for their customized packaging equipment and solutions, so tweaks, add-ons, and modifications are definitely on the table. Let our experts know what you need, and we'll help you put-together the perfect solution, even if it's the only one like it in the world!

Whatever Equipment You Need
We've Got You Covered!

Let Us Know What You Require

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