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The K-MOTS Philosophy


Our Approach to Doing Business is Simple

It's that simple. 


And, with over 3 decades of history and experience, working with the world's leading manufacturers, we've helped hundreds of great companies of all types and sizes, all around the world. With a background like that, you can be sure our team is uniquely qualified to serve you with excellence! 

  • Be upfront and honest with customers; 

  • Work quickly and efficiently; 

  • Meet or beat every customer's needs. 


A Little Background

Ken Motsinger

Kathy Motsinger

Ken Motsinger is the founder and President of K-Mots Packaging, LLC. He has over 35 years of experience in the packaging industry, serving in just about every role, from manager, to vice president, to CEO and for the second time now, founder. 


Along with his partner Kathy Motsinger, Ken has built a team of positive and knowledgeable professionals who stand ready to offer a broad range of packaging products and solutions to meet or exceed your expectations.


The K-MOTS mission is to provide you with the highest quality value and standards possible. We strive to ensure our customers receive the very best products for their daily requirements and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. 


Working from our headquarters located just east of Columbus, Ohio, K-Mots Packaging serves hundreds of customers in the Midwestern United States and all around the world. 

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